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  • Wide ranging discussions from the molecular basis of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis to technical issues of the comet assay.

2)    Full ICAWG members receive extra benefits which include:

  • Reduced registration fee to attend ICAWG meetings

  • Access to file share platform

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How to Join:

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Anyone practicing or with an interest in genetic toxicology, and wanting to join ICAWG discussions and question forum, can sign up as a free member here.

2)    As Full ICAW member
In order to become a full ICAWG member you will have to join the EEMGS first. You can become an EEMGS member through your local national society linked to the EEMGS or as an individual member   > EEMGS website

Extra EEMGS Membership benefits include:

  • access to the members' only section of the EEMGS website and forum, where you can view newsletters, see/post Job Vacancies and CVs

  • reduced registration fee to attend EEMGS annual meetings

  • possibility to apply for travel bursaries, Early Career Award or become nominated for the Frits Sobels Award

Once you are an EEMGS member, you can sign up for ICAWG as full member and provide us with a proof of your EEMGS membership.

Membership applications are processed online.

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